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Pitch maintenance is a very important factor in the long term viability of a synthetic playing surface. A good maintenance programme greatly increases the longevity of the pitch (i.e. on a tennis court or hockey pitch it will nearly double the lifespan of the surface, on a 3G pitch it will add up to 5 years on the carpets lifespan.)
Maintenance is an area that has been overlooked for years and Clubs and Schools that have tennis courts, hockey and football pitches are having to replace the carpet earlier than expected. Regular maintenance has been proven to extend the lifespan of synthetic playing surfaces and this is a major economic consideration at the moment.

About Us
We at Coyle Sport Surfaces are able to offer a wide range of maintenance services for synthetic playing surfaces, specializing in synthetic hockey pitch maintenance, synthetic football pitch maintenance, and synthetic tennis court maintenance.

If you check out various websites such as or you will see that there are many requirements now been advised for the maintenance of synthetic surfaces that have been approved and recommended by organisations such as FIFA and Tennis Ireland in order to maintain the pitches to the highest possible standards.
The recommended weekly/monthly maintenance is to use a drag mat on a weekly basis and brush the surface on a monthly basis. This routine maintenance is usually carried out by the club. We at Coyle Sport Surfaces stock a range of drag mats and brushes suitable for this regular maintenance.

The maintenance schedule also shows that all synthetic surfaces require a deep clean at least twice a year. This process requires specialist machinery. We have the machinery required for this highly complicated process. Our Horger SKU1200 machine (Pictured above) will rejuvenate the pitch and pick up all the debris that weekly/ monthly brushing will not pick up.
The machine brushes the surface, lifting the layer of sand/rubber out, sieving it, vacuuming the debris, carpet fibres, ball fluff etc out, and depositing the clean infill back into the playing surface again, where it is simply worked back in to the carpet.
This treatment has the following advantages:

• The structure of the sand becomes and remains loose, which makes the surface more pleasant to play
  on and reduces the chances of injury;
• The sand is aired so that moss and weeds get less chance to grow;
• Existing moss is completely removed;
• Permeability is improved, which inhibits soiling of the top layer and reduces the chances of puddles forming.

The implementation of this process has been proven to increase the lifespan of the playing surface.

Coyle Sport Surfaces offer a Free Surface Assessment, and we would be delighted to advise you on the best maintenance programme that suits your playing facilities.
We provide a top class service at competitive rates!

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